Married woman’s shenanigans exposed after nu_de pictures leak


A COLD Comfort married woman’s nu_de photographs have leaked and are circulating on social media amid reports her two lovers clashed at her matrimonial house.

Betty Ndoro,32,is reported to have taken advantage of her South Africa based husband only identified as Mudha-accomodating lovers,arguing she is se_x starved and not getting any support.

She confirmed that the photographs circulating are hers.Betty also said one of the lovers a college student Munyaradzi Chikwekwete aged 24-clashed with her new boyfriend at her matrimonial home,forcing her children to disappear from the scene as the rival suitors were at each other’s throat.


Betty suspects her husband leaked the photographs arguing that the lovers were entitled to their privacy since they were cheating with a legally married woman.

“I was informed that my photographs were circulating on social media and I strongly suspect my husband because he is the only person who was with them after I deleted mine since my child has access to the phone,”said Betty.

“What is very disturbing is that the photographs exposed my body and I am now ashamed considering that every person viewing them is aware of my privates.

“I will investigate the person who leaked them and will take legal action but my husband is the one behind this.

“It is true that my boyfriends clashed at my house after one of them,a student at Polytechnic named Munyaradzi,came home around midnight without informing me and I refused to open the door until dawn.

“My children disappeared from the house after they woke up to see my lovers’ two vehicles parked, but they only exchanged harsh words. Munyaradzi informed my husband about the incident leading him to leak my photographs and I believe from that day my husband is in touch with Munyaradzi.

I started cheating on my husband after he cheated on me with a food vendor based at Sunningdale shops.

“Since he left for South Africa,I am now struggling financially and I am also se_xually starved.

“I have come to understand that men are not the same in everything and honestly speaking,I am no longer faithful to him following that incident.

“I am prepared to sue him if I find out that he is the one who posted my nu_de photographs on social media.After all,he is the one who took those photographs in January after I visited him in South Africa,”said Betty.

Betty disclosed that she fell in love with Munyaradzi after he lied to her that he was attached to the police Criminal Investigation Department only to discover that he was a student after they squandered his school fees.

“School fees ndakaidya chaizvo achindinyepera kuti anoshanda ku CID only to discover that he was a student after his father,a headmaster in Chiweshe,came to my home looking for him,”said Betty.

Contacted for comment,Mudha described Betty as wild,denying allegations he is the one behind the circulation of nu_de photographs.

“Mukadzi wangu ave mombe yemashanga,I heard that she is accommodating several men at my house and her behaviour is affecting my children,”said Mudha.

“How can I post my wife’s nu_des on social media,I will be in Zimbabwe soon to sort out the problem.

“I always send money to support her only for her to squander the money with young boys because of her insatiable appetite to have se_x with kids,its crazy.

One of her boyfriends called me and I do not know how he got my contact number and by his messages its clear evidence that my wife is cheating,”said Mudha.

Munyaradzi could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.

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