Mathias Mhere ventures into Zim Dancehall


TALENTED gospel musician Mathias Mhere has gone the dancehall way,roping in fellow musician Sabastian Magacha. The two have come up with a song,Ngatipembere,which is on a dance hall ticket and was recorded by Oskid.

This is not the first time that Mhere has gone the dancehall way,having recorded another song Wenyasha Ungamudii which featured dancehall star Killer T. The Favour singer said this is creativity at play,exploring other avenues as artistes

This was the song which we did with Saba in celebration of the AFM church conference. AFM attained 100 years and we did a song for that,”he said. “Having the song on a dancehall ticket is just a way of trying new sound, being versatile as artistes.


The whole idea is just trying new avenues,being creative as artistes.The idea is to spread the message across a wide audience,”he said. More musicians have flocked Oskid’s studio citing quality sound. Fellow gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave had a song with Killer T ,Daidzai Vakuru which was also recorded by Oskid.The song became popular in most circles.

Source-H Metro

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