Mauritius ranked 2nd happiest nation in Africa


Mauritius island has been ranked second in Africa in the World Happiness Report compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.

The report released on March 20, 2016 showed that Algeria had the happiest population in Africa, while Denmark had the happiest population globally.

The 2016 edition of the World Happiness Report is the fourth attempt to quantify the population’s happiness, to create more healthy and effective societies. The first edition was published by the UN in 2012.


In the 2016 edition, only six African countries were ranked among the top 100. Algeria came in first (38 globally) ahead of Mauritius (66), Libya (67), Somalia (76), Somaliland (97) and Tunisia (98).

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  • Nyenze

    Its obvious this is a biased report. Hahaha. Of all the places somalia being happy? Really? If the life in somalia is a happy life then where i live is heaven

  • hassan

    Nyenze ,your ugly heart is burning with jealousy, n remember there in somalia they don’t eat rats n grilled monkeys hahaha

  • Nyenze

    Hahahahaha. Why do Somalian seek asylum everywhere if at all they are happy in their country . I feel sorry for them rather .