Mawarire Joins Tsvangirai Mujuru in Friday ShutDown- #ThisFlag #NERA.”


The Exiled #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire has put his weight behind the combined opposition march slated for Friday, that aims to pressure President Robert Mugabe to open up space for the opposition to operate on fair playing ground.

Mawarire spoke against fear, ” When fear inside the system is greater than the fear outside it, the inside is giving in victory is certain.” Speaking on Friday Mawarire said, ” We stand with all the Zimbabwean Opposition Parties and join in on Friday as we March for electrol reform! #ThisFlag #NERA.”




He went further to warn his supporters; “People should not listen to lies that this movement is dead that’s a lie this movement is getting stronger and stronger there is no turning back. We want our country back, we want our Zimbabwe back

The Friday protest will be the first time in the history of Zimbabwe that opposition parties with one voice have taken to the streets of Zimbabwe, risk life and limb as they demand electoral reforms that will create a level playing field in the crucial forthcoming elections. In a petition already sent to Mugabe the political parties wrote;

“We, the undersigned signatories to the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera), do hereby make the following demands: Clarify whether or not voter registration is underway and if so, how and where it is happening.” The group also demanded that ZEC avails the current electronic voters’ rolls for inspection by all stakeholders and give an update on the delimitation exercise.

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