MDC MPs get death threats for embarrassing President Mugabe in Parliament


First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe marched into parliament in a suspiciously jovial mood as opposition MPs were being bombarded with death threats. An unusually ecstatic Grace (purple painted at the eyes) paced into parliament greeting opposition MPs in ways she has never done before during the opening of parliament.

This happened just as MDC MPs were receiving death threats on their cellphones ordering them not to embarrass Grace’s husband, Robert.The messages read stating the MPs’ immunity from hurt and prosecution ends as soon as they leave the building.Meanwhile Harare West MP Jessie Majome complained revealing she received the first of these threats just after 10AM, as the ceremony was motioning into phase.

“I have received a death threat at 1013hrs and another one at 1135hrs on my Econet line from ‘Death’ saying ‘Warning!! Immunity ends in Parliament,” the message read. It continued,“if you step outside you become an ordinary citizen. Do the wise thing and not disturb proceedings in Parliament.”

Fellow oposition MDC T MPs Amos Chibaya, Prince Sibanda Innocent Gonese James Maridadi and Prosper Mutseyami also received the threats aimed at preventing the State President from being heckled during his address to open the 3rd Session of this 8th Parliament going on now. The address is being heard in deathly silence.

“I suspect I’m being targeted for politely demanding the constitutional state of the nation address,” Majome said declaring at the end, “though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I shall not fear for thou art with me and thy shield and thy staff comfort me still.”