Meet the Zimbabwean who claims he is a woman ‘trapped’ in a man’s body


GROWING up, I would dress up in women’s clothing and do make up, like any other little girl, even though I would not go out like that, it felt liberating,” narrates Brighton Chigova (not his real name).

Chigova, 28, who considers himself as being transgender said there were a lot of misconceptions about such people who are usually misclassified as gay.

According to Interse_x Society of Northern America organisation website, people who identify as transgender or transse_xual are usually people who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they have been born into the “wrong body.”


Chigova told the WeekendPost that while he physically looks like a man, since he was a child he has enjoyed modelling and gossiping with girls “because I am a female.”

The self-proclaimed artist who prefers to be called Vee said now as a grown-up it was prudent to conform to societal expectations and dress like a man, as even those at his church castigate his se_xuality.

“I tried to pray and fast about my situation but nothing changed, that’s when I realised that it is because of God. Although it is difficult for people like me to get accepted in society, I appreciate who I am and I am happy. I have accepted that it is God’s will,” said the 28-year-old.

My manhood naturally is dead and there is nothing I feel even if females seduce me, but when men do, I feel something. Therefore I am a female, I date men and I wish to have a family though it is going to be difficult — but maybe will adopt one child.”

Vee explained the dynamics of being a transgender, saying they also have a se_xual orientation.

“Transgender people may be straight, lesbian, gay, or bise_xual. A person who transitions from male to female and is attracted solely to men would typically identify as a straight woman,” said Vee adding that transgender people were mistreated and discriminated as there was no law in the country to protect them.
A Seventh Day Adventist member, Vee attested that a lot of transgender people usually commit suicide because society views them as sinners.

“They are more than 1 000 people who are transgender and when they are raped there is nowhere to report because the government itself doesn’t believe in our existence. We are humiliated everywhere we go and even the churches accuse us of being possessed with demons,” he said.

“My family doesn’t appreciate me, they call me names and it is difficult for them to understand me but as for my mother though it’s hard, how can she deny her own child. I go to church and I don’t mind what they think about me, I will be worshiping God,” Vee said.

President Robert Mugabe has been on record criticising the lesbian, gay, bise_xual, and transgender community as being worse than “dogs and pigs”

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