Melisa’s BF Pee Kay & Tehn Diamond Light Up Castle Lite Extra Cold Block Party


Melisa’s BF Pee Kay & Tehn Diamond Light Up Castle Lite Extra Cold Block Party. In case you didn’t know Singer Pee Kay is in a relationship with a Cheer Leader Melisa Matengenzara… Oh yeah back to the main story…  Leading integrated beverage manufacturer, Delta Beverages, on Saturday took beer-drinking to another level of enjoyment by hosting the inaugural Castle Lite Extra Cold Block Party at Newlands Shopping Centre, Harare.

Although public drinking of alcohol is prohibited, fans had a rare a opportunity of being allowed to imbibe freely in the presence of police officers.

Pee Kay
Sources say Melisa is Bootylicious…. i wonder

The action-packed event drew people of all generations, but it was the mature, who drove top-of-the-range cars, out-numbering some ready-to-spend youths donned in expensive designers’ clothes.


Notwithstanding the organisers’ claims that it was a no-under 18 gig, some teenagers probably of school-going age were spotted enjoying themselves at the prizes.

Activities included the Ice Bath Challenge and the Break the Ice Challenge that saw lucky fans walking away with prizes.

Merrymakers were entertained by Afro hip-hop rapper, Pee-Kay and Tehn Diamond, who proved their prowess on the microphone, with their energetic performances, much to the delight of the fans. Judgement Yard Sounds, Jason Le Roux, Otis “The Flow” Fraser, DJ Stavo and Rax the DJ took turns to rock it on the turntables maintaining the merrymaking mood.

-NewsDay & Masasi


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