Memory card gives away cheating wife as husband stumbles upon nu_de pics


A CHEATING wife was sold out by her phone’s memory card as her husband discovered pictures of her in “action” with other men.

Kudakwashe Mabako discovered the nu_des when he had volunteered to fix his wife Shamiso Sharon Murira’s phone.

One of the pictures shows her holding and licking privates of a boyfriend while others are se_x tapes with different men.


Mabako who has been married to Murira for 12 years

When I noticed that her arrival time from work had changed from 7.30pm to around 11pm I asked about it but she gave me excuses,” he said.

Kudakwashe-Mubako-with-Sharon-and-kidsHe added: “Where she worked they had uniforms but she would put her casual clothes in her handbag. That got me suspicious because she would spend a night without coming home.”

The truth has its way of coming out and Mabako’s suspicions were proven to be true when he attempted to fix her phone.

“I saw nu_des and po_rnographic material where she is the main actor,” he said.

But Murira’s told B-Metro off when asked for her comment.

“Why are you poking your nose into other people’s lives? If you write a story I will sue or uchawona (you will see).

You B-Metro guys are troublesome. Why can’t you concentrate on your relationships and se_xual lives?” she said.

One Reward Neda allegedly threatened to beat up Mabako.

“I always see them together in town and Neda promised to beat me if ever I phone my wife,” said Mabako.

Neda declined to comment but another man who is also in the nude pictures, Harrison Nema, said he had a se_xual relationship with her because she didn’t disclose her marital status.

“She wasn’t open that she was a married woman. That’s why I slept with her. Let me ask, do you sleep with married women if they avail themselves to you? If you do you would be a fool. Her husband failed to se_xually satisfy her. Tell him to keep his wife,” said Nema.

According to Mabako, Murira also started relationships with patients at a Gweru hospital where she worked as a nurse.

One Norman Gwatura did not deny such a liaison.

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