Messenger of court storms funeral attaching property as the debtor’s body lay in state at his home


There was commotion in Vainona after the messenger of court stormed a funeral attaching property as the debtor’s body lay in state at his home.

Genius Chigwada, 63, died on July 17 and he was owing a certain local bank money amounting to US$41 000.

Genius Chigwada


Chigwada’s relative, Munodei told H-Metro that Genius was given a loan by a local bank before he died and it was for farming after they were given land by the government.

Unfortunately, he died before settling the debt.


local bank money

During his funeral an auctioneer on behalf of the high court showed up before burial and started taking properties to compensate the debt left by the late Chigwada.

An altercation arose among Chigwada’s family members and the messenger from the high court about why they had to take away Genius’s properties while they were still mourning him and before burying him.

Munodei said: “Is it proper for the messenger of court to come and take away Chigwada’s properties on the same day that he died considering the fact that we were still in shock and mourning him,” he said.

Messenger of Court

Chigwada is survived by around 35 children and several wives.H-Metro

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