Military Touch Movement is suppressing its artistes and focusing more on Jah Prayzah


Cracks have begun to appear in the Military Touch Movement with Andy Muridzo saying Jah Prayzah’s record label, is suppressing its artistes and focusing more on Jah Prayzah.

Muridzo was on Star FM’s 3to6 Express  when he admitted that Jah Prayzah was getting all the attention.“I agree that the same way Jah Prayzah is being marketed should be the same way we market ExQ, Tahle and Nutty O. I must say it’s my hope that one day it’ll get there.”
His album launch was a case in point.

MILITARY-TOUCH-MOVEMENT “Yes, there were several hiccups during that launch and I must admit that about the water, indeed we were wrong there. But people should give Military Touch some time to prove itself.”


He justified his contract with Military Touch saying it was based on vision and ambition to break into the African music ranks as was done by Jah Prayzah.

“Jah Prayzah has already penetrated Africa and I’m under Military Touch trying to do the same. My move to join the label was calculated based on my vision which is to take my music to Africa,” explained Baba Keketso.