Minnie Dlamini showing off that she is RICH to youths at Rally


South Africa – TV PRESENTER Minnie Dlamini is alleged to have caused a stink at a community gathering.

Sunday Sun understands Minnie was invited by the ANCYL in Orlando East, in Soweto, last week as a keynote speaker.

Sunday Sun sources said things went awry when the SABC sports presenter started talking about her wealth.


“When Minnie got to the stage, we expected her to motivate us, but she started telling us about how much money she has.

Minnie Dlamini

“She told us she was a loaded young girl in Mzansi compared to others,” said one of the angry youngsters who was at the meeting.

Another witness said she got depressed by how Minnie started bragging about her hefty wallet, while many youngsters wallow in poverty.

“She was brought here to motivate us, not to tell us about her money. We didn’t choose to be poor. For her to come here and tell us about how deep her pocket is was absolutely rubbish. We felt insulted by her remarks,” said the witness.

The source said Minnie realised she had offended the audience when they started interrupting her during her speech.

One of the people who was pissed off by Minnie’s rants is said to be budding TV star, Noluvuyo “Bubbly” Sodela.

Sunday Sun has learnt Bubbly interrupted Minnie and told her to voetsek as she was insulting youngsters.

Bubbly confirmed she was disturbed by Minnie’s remarks and told her to respect her peers.

Said Bubbly: “I told her we were not there to listen to someone bragging about her money. We wanted to listen to her motivating us, not to what she was saying. She got irritated and told us she was leaving.”

When asked for comment, Minnie just said: “OK, bye!” And then hung up on the SunTeam.

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