Mis Red Sunday Prayer


Dear Father
I just want to be OK, I feel I have a heavy load and I don’t know why exactly because you always
have my back so I don’t get it, I still feel naked and insecure right now, maybe it’s the emotional

Some people say you are not out there, especially in times like these where it seems
like I don’t know where am going but I need to take control. They tell me “Let go and let
God”…but how long do I wait for an answer?!?

This is me in all my nakedness, being stripped and exposed… what’s next? Where am I going? It’s coming from an Honest place because for the first time in a long time, I genuinely feel like I don’t know! Take me through it…. hold my hand tightly and tell me it’s going to be OK! Thank you for the key I’m holding to the door, but I need
strength to open! Give me strength!


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