Mnangagwa demands $27 000 for damaged tractor


VICE-President Emmerson Mnangagwa is demanding $27 000 compensation from Kwekwe miner, Robert Chipwanyira, after the latter’s car crashed into the VP’s tractor in Sherwood Block, Kwekwe, two years ago.

Mnangagwa, through his Sherwood Farm owned by Pricabe Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, claims Chipwanyira’s car, which was being driven by Dzingai Masunda, caused extensive damage to his John Deere tractor in a head-on collision that occurred in May 2014.

According to papers filed at the Bulawayo High Court under case number HC1570/14, Pricabe Enterprises accuses Masunda of driving negligently and causing the accident.


“The said collision was occasioned solely as a result of the negligent driving of Masunda, who was negligent, …,” read part of the summons.

The collision allegedly cost Mnangagwa’s farm $27 000 after the tractor, which was still new at the time, was allegedly extensively damaged.



Chipwanyira, in his defence, said Pricabe Enterprises should have proceeded against his insurance company instead of acting against him.

He further denied that Masunda drove negligently or was employed by him and instead accused the Pricabe Enterprises’ driver of causing the accident.

“As a matter of fact, it is the plaintiff’s (Pricabe Enterprises) tractor driver who drove negligently and failed to keep a proper lookout for Masunda’s motor vehicle. He just drove into the road without looking out for Masunda’s vehicle,” reads part of the defence.

Chipwanyira, through his lawyer, Nomore Hlabano, said Mnangangwa’s tractor sustained minor damage worth much less than the $27 000 the Vice-President was demanding.

“An amount of $27 000 is an exaggeration by the plaintiff and is bordered on self-enrichment. The costs required to repair the tractor do not exceed $200,” reads the defence.

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