Moe Makaya battling with serious case of depression


UK-based Zimbabwean model and rapper, Moe Makaya has spoken of her struggle with depression

I have gone through it and it’s not nice. I go in and out of it. You need to be strong. Friends family pray for your friends and family for you don’t know what they are battling or dealing with. And it’s hard to talk to anyone as you feel alone.




Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. I will start and say if it gets too much pray, pray, pray read a verse get the Bible app find what u want to read on and talk to someone.. Killing yourself is not the answer believe me. Life is not meant to be easy I’ve learnt the hard way and have had these thoughts comes with depression just gotta tell the devil noo aint your time till God says so.

Please pray for others and mind what you say to people. One bad thing can fully mess up someones mental state. Words are powerful. If your around negative people leave them and surround you self with positivity try not to be alone too much.

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