More troubles for Pastor Wutawunashe following his messy divorce


FAMED preacher and founder of Family Of God (FOG) Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe’s bedroom woes have spread to his church in Botswana following reports that congregants in that country are up in arms with his alleged lover Masego Makhao.

They are reportedly accusing her of wrecking the popular man of God’s marriage.

According to reports by Botswana’s weekly newspaper, The Voice, Makhao (ABOVE) who is a pastor in Maun had long taken over Dr Ruth Wutawunashe’s matrimonial post.


The reports say the two — Pastor Wutawunashe and Makhao’s whirlwind romance started in 2004 when the former took the latter under his wings to train her as a pastor.

“Since then, they have been travelling together on international trips, leaving the wife behind. She has brought nothing but trouble in the house of the Lord. She is not even ashamed of her deeds,” the paper quoted a senior member from the church as having said.

Makhao also stands accused of abusing church funds to finance her lavish lifestyle.

“She is accused of allegedly having access to church funds through Botswana church Bishop, Seamogetswe Keoleletse who reportedly gives in to her demands as he is afraid of his principal.

Makhao reportedly bought an Audi Q7 recently using church funds, an allegation shot down by Keoleletse,” the paper further claims.

Meanwhile, divisions in Botswana came after a group of elders and some congregants in Zimbabwe led by Bishop Henry Muzhari walked out of FOG in protest over their former leader’s divorce to form a new church, Family Covenant Church (FCC).

Bishop Muzhari was, until the launch of the new church on 13 March this year at Large City Hall in Bulawayo, one of the three international bishops at FOG. The church had 21 branches across the world including every town in Zimbabwe.

In earlier interview with B-Metro, Bishop Muzhari’s spokesperson Pastor Charles Masunungure said before the split of the church Bishop Muzhari and him, in their own capacities once wrote to Apostle Wutawunashe advising him on possible ways of dealing with the problems in his private life because they were affecting the church.

“We split due to disagreements on the doctrines of divorce and remarriage. It was not planned all along because as sons (of Apostle Wutawunashe) both Bishop Henry Muzhari and I have in our individual capacities written to Apostle Wutawunashe advising (him) on possible ways of dealing with the problems in his private life that were now affecting the church universally. We are guided by scriptures not only on divorce but all areas of conduct as Christians,” he said.

However, Apostle Wutawunashe’s spokesperson Bishop Nehemiah Chimombe maintained that it was still unclear why a group of elders and some congregants decided to leave the main church.

Source-B Metro

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