More Victoria High school students caught HAVING S E X & were EXPELLED


There was chaos and drama when four Victoria High school kids (two boys and two girls) were on Saturday night caught in the act of intimacy in the school dormitories.

In an incident that has seen up to 40 kids being expelled without a hearing, the whole fiasco took place after over 30 other pupils jumped fence to attend a music show by dancehall star Killer T.

The latter have also been expelled after a roll call exposed their absence from school premises.

Sources said cases of immorality and beer drinking are still rife in the school with empty bottles of intoxicating drinks being picked up from time to time. They also said that most of the cases go unpunished and thus creates indiscipline.

Just two months ago, two Form Four students at Victoria High school who took advantage of the lapse in the monitoring of students during the mid-year exams were last week caught having s e x in a bush in the school yard.

The pair was caught at around 11am and the girl whose name has been revealed to us left behind her underwear, a towel which they had spread out on the ground and a textbook as she fled after being caught by a security guard who disturbed their ‘horizontal gymnastics’.

Although the school head professed ignorance over the ‘juicy act’, reliable sources said the guard handed over the personal belongings to the school’s deputy head when he reported the case.

Cases of s e x scandals and abuse of alcohol at Victoria High are common. Two years ago 36 pupils were suspended after going on a drinking binge in town.

Some 36 boarding students were expelled from the now seemingly notorious Victoria High School after they allegedly went on a binge on Saturday, drinking and dating in town, according to information supplied by our sources.

A security guard was reportedly suspended from work over the matter. He was accused of having taken bribes in order to allow the pupils out of the school premises. After sneaking out, the students were all over Masvingo city centre, at beauty pageant held at the Sports Club, at Ritz and Liquids Night Club.

Two students who got drunk exposed the rest after they were arrested by the police and it was discovered that there were many more students around the city. Parents to some of the students who were involved confirmed the incident.

After the incident became a public secret, some students reportedly went on to spill the beans and allege that school guards were in the habit of receiving US$1 from students and then arrange a place for them to have s e x in the classrooms at night.