More woes for Thomas Chizhanje as Zimbos want him fired


Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi’s brand ambassador Thomas Chizhanje has been lambasted as an unemployed thug terrorrising innocent people on Facebook.

Pressure is growing for Mzembi to drop him. Chizhanje who has risen to fame through Facebook and was now earning a living through corporate endorsements of his page, burnt his fingers after he started using the First family’s name in an attempt to gain recognition.

One of his followers described him as an attention seeking “Tom Foolery”.
“Using Dr Amai’s rally as his begging story . . . All you young thieves want to steal using Zanu PF’s name as if they are doing anything good . . . this is the sort of behaviour we are saying down with. Thomas Chizhanje, a crafty thief,” the follower said.


Facebook users were accusing him of using current affairs, celebrities and other notable people to grow his popularity.

Chizhanje was accused of insulting notable people and celebrities with musicians Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave and Tocky Vibes being cited for reposting pictures of people with funny captions.

You ridicule Fungisai’s shoes, yet you are the one who wears borrowed oversized shoes. I think Thomas Chizhanje needs to properly apologise to Fungisai, Tocky Vibes and all the other innocent folk he relentlessly humiliates and abuses on a daily basis on his profile,” another Facebook user, Mudhara Tindo said.

The messages continued, even targeting his wife whom, they poked for stammering during an opal promotion last year. In response, Chizhanje posted a long apology for his actions.

“I try my best to be as nice as possible online and in person. I am only human so I make mistakes. I have made fun of celebrities and defended them also but I feel there are people who strongly feel that I hurt them badly and for that I am sorry,” Chizhanje said.
“Because of my huge following, some people ask me to diss them…usually I refuse. I will never post about you without your consent. If you ask me to remove some of the posts that I would have posted I will remove them.”

He said since becoming famous and the brand ambassador he will now watch how he conducts himself on social media.


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