Morgan Tsvangirai Shrunk – Nathaniel Manheru


Nathaniel Manheru has taunted MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai saying he looked shrunken at the demonstration.He wrote in his Herald column :”Tsvangirai looked shrunken, ashen and wistful. It is not my role as a commentator to speculate on his state of health. What falls neatly within my purview is to try and interpret what make him wistful, even against glowing praises from the likes of Pedzisayi Ruhanya who sought to be happy on his behalf.

Interestingly one reason there was so much focus on numbers is because there was no message from the MDC­T leader to topple numbers copy. Tsvangirai had no message absolutely. Even the placards said it all, with abortive attempts at a sparkle using the name of Itai Dzamara. And of course the $15bn dollars said to have been lost to the country since the start of diamond mining.

I am not ignoring the banal Mugabe must go mantra, only recognising its status in dramatising a messaging crisis in the opposition. Such a worn mantra cannot carry opposition politics or the country’s politics an inch forward. Talking about the $15bn, surely it makes poor political inventiveness to rely on introspective observations by your opponent for your programmes?


Are you holding Government to account at all? And as it emerges, Mugabe has moved miles and miles ahead in correcting the situation, in the process even serving surprises to his closest of allies. We are moving to a new diamond mining dispensation, in which case the figure $15bn will cease to matter sooner. And that President could take such a drastic step even against the Chinese clearly indicated the depth of the principle he espouses.

That is what makes Afrobarometer repeatedly discover he is a much trusted politician. And to add it all, he proceeds swiftly to clarify government stance on indigenisation and economic empowerment. If one reads the $15bn said to have been lost to illicit diamond trade against over $66bn lost to MDC­T wrought sanctions, how long is it before these guys drop $15bn? The opposition is wading into dead matter.”

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