Mother-in-law has a crush on my husband…


I am a 28-year-old woman married to a 35-year-old man who was previously married and had two kids but the wife died.

I have no problem whatsoever with this situation because I knew from the beginning. We have been married for four years now.

My problem is my husband’s former mother in-law (ambuya) is getting in my space and she gets too personal with my hubby and I do not like it. She is constantly in touch with my husband through WhatsApp and phone calls all in the name of the children.


My husband has two sisters: harisiro basa ranatete to keep communication na ambuya ava here?

In the four years that I have stayed with my husband this gogo has never asked to take these kids for a holiday or just for a weekend so what is the big deal about the constant communication with my husband?

She periodically comes to see them kumba kwedu but never takes them to her house for even a day or two. I do not mind being with the kids but zvaamai ava kwete.

Tete Molly can my husband fully concentrate on his present when his past is kept under his nose by this nagging ambuya? I cannot take this any longer, am I being unreasonable? Please help me.

Tete Molly’s Response:

Thank you for writing to me, this sure is a tricky situation that need to discussed carefully with your husband and they can be two turns to your story that may cause troubles in your house. Firstly make sure when you speak to your husband make him understand that you would love the kids to stay with you but he has to speak to gogo to understand that he is married now and she should respect you as if you were her own daughter. Vazukuru she can always see them anytime but she has to make sure you guys know since you might have some other plans. 

Also remember that she might see her daughter in those kids, vachiri kusuwa mwana wavo and kugara vachiona vazukuru is just an excuse yekuti vagone kunyaradza hana yavo saka usatange kutsamwa musati mataura navo.Plus tsvagai nguva yekuyenda kumba kwavo nevazukuru monovasiya ikoko nemurume wako kuyita kuti murume wako asakufungire kuti hausikuda vana vake and make sure ndiwe unozvitanga.

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