ADULT movie Auditions spark excitement for Teens in Bulawayo


A text circulating on social media, scouting for “acting” talent has caused quite a stir in and around the City of Kings, attracting a large response from both teenagers and youths, if not even adults in some instances.

The text explicitly stated that the film under production was of a adult nature, which explains the excitement among the youngsters. Sadly for all those that had their hopes high, the p0rn part was actually a hoax.

The script writer, Fidelis Zamanga, dismissed the text saying: “I am doing a film but then it’s not that kind of film that has been circulating on WhatsApp. The original script addresses issues like abortion and peer pressure.”


However, the Zimbabwean legal system seems to be of little concern to the aspiring wanna-be actors who are calling in on the script writer to find out about auditions.

The response I’ve got from this false text is surprisingly large because I’ve had texts from India, people trying to find out about the type of film and I had to explain that I am not working to produce any adult material.”

Zamanga suspects it is the work of his competitors that seek to scuttle his project.

“I suspect that it may be a prank or the result of other competitors in the field that aim to move against any personnel that seek to establish themselves in this discipline because this is my first film project.”

Zamanga says despite the falsification of his upcoming film on social media, he is been inspired to work against negative publicity and promote his film using the already existing platform.

“The auditions will still be held on the day set on the text message, but the only difference is that we are not auditioning for p0rn. The good thing is we got a lot of publicity as people all over are aware of this project.

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