Moyo stop Talking nonsense -General Chiwenga


Army Commander, General Chiwenga is breathing fire telling Higher Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo to stop spouting nonsense about Command Agriculture.

This guy who is vomiting that nonsense, didn’t he get support from Command Agriculture?

He has some other forces behind him. Hasn’t he written in his books that he is going to destroy from within?“We read. We are all educated. We read. He has said that. Everyone must see. He rebelled before. Not once. He rebelled when we were in the struggle, he ran away. When he was here he did all his nonsense, his column in the Financial Gazette.




“And in his book, when he was teaching, in his commentary on why he went to America – we know. When he left and went independent, was he repentant? And we know now that
the tweeting is coming from Baba Jukwa and company; we know that.

“But I think he has got to where we wanted him to. Let me leave it at that,” Gen Chiwenga told The Herald in an interview.