President Robert Mugabe a political schemer- Vince Musewe


A political analyst Vince Musewe has described President Robert Mugabe as a political schemer who always cause divisions in opposition political parties towards elections to take advantage of that to retain power.

The remarks at a time when the opposition ZimPF led by Joice Mujuru faces turbulent times as divisions have rocked the party leading to the different groups dismissing each other. Mujuru announced that she has fired Didymas Mutasa Rugare Gumbo and others from the party due to their factional tendencies.

“Toxic politics. As we go towards 2018 political intrigue and drama will get worse. That is Robert Mugabe for you – a political schemer par excellence. I just wish he had used that skill to develop our country,” Musewe said.




Our economy is going nowhere, cash is going to be tight, false stories and inuendo will be the order of the day. We all need to be very careful because this could be the end of Zanu PF and they will not go down alone. Endless ZimPF speculations are flooding social media and no doubt the opposition will be under stress. We are going to see a total abuse of state resources and state media as the key propaganda machinery gets into a higher gear. We need to be very selective in what we consume.”

He said he do hope change is coming all people are exasperated by this beast called Zanu PF.

“God help them. God save our beautiful country Zimbabwe and it’s people. They deserve better,” he said.

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