Home Political News Mugabe has disarmed Mnangagwa by telling military to back off

Mugabe has disarmed Mnangagwa by telling military to back off


National People’s Party spokesperson Methuseli Moyo has claimed that President Robert Mugabe has disarmed Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa by telling the military to back off on issues of politics.

Mugabe on Thursday told the military to back off and leave the politics for politicians.

“By telling the military to back off, Mugabe has disarmed Mnangagwa. By saying name your successor, Grace has said the one touting himself, that is, Mnangagwa, is not the one.



By saying it did not matter that the next president is what tribe, Mugabe was saying his successor could be Zezuru like him, and that is Sydney Sekeramayi,” Moyo said.

“By saying there has to be a third VP who should be a woman, Mugabe is saying Grace will be VP by end of year. In one move, Mugabe has undone all Mnangagwa and his crew in the military and state media thought was a done deal.”

He said Mnangangwa may soon find himself battling for his political survival.

“Mugabe is the Maradona of Zimbabwe politics. Once more, he has dribbled his way past a cluster of successionists. But come 2018, we must tackle this Maradona so hard and end his career,” he said

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