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Mugabe must die cleric evicted from one-room lodging


Woes continue to mount for activist cleric Phillip Mugadza – who prophesied that President Robert Mugabe would die on October 17 this year – as he has been evicted from his one-room lodgings in the high density suburb of Glen View.

Following his controversial prophecy and consequent incarceration, the anti-Mugabe pastor has lurched from challenge to challenge, with his Kariba-based Remnant Church collapsing and marital problems escalating.

The defiant Mugadza, who has staged one-man anti-government protests in the Harare CBD, accuses his landlady of being influenced by Zanu-PF elements to illegally evict him.


Last week, he told the Daily News on Sunday that he was stranded following a seven-day notice from his landlady requesting him to vacate a room he was renting together with his wife and two-year-old son, early this month.

“I was evicted. She said her daughter was coming to use the room. We only realised that she never meant to have her daughter in the room and interestingly, a lady from the president’s office who lived next door laughed when she saw us packing,” Mugadza said.

“This is what I have been saying, that the regime really has a hand in my family’s life, that they infiltrated my wife when they locked me away in remand prison that other time. I hope people will begin to notice what the regime is doing,” he said.



Mugadza, who had been occupying the Africa Unity Square park in the Harare CBD in protest, together with other activists between last Monday and Wednesday, had to prematurely abort the demonstration because he no longer had transport fares to continue getting into town.

The controversial cleric, however, vowed to resume the demonstrations this week in the park, adjacent Parliament Building.

He claimed that in one of his latest visions, 93-year-old Mugabe had died and resurrected twice.

“I have been in prayer and had some dreams of the president having died on two occasions but he woke up and came back to life.

“What I then remembered was that when the president is rumoured dead, he always says that he is more than Jesus Christ because he has died more than once and rose several times,” Mugadza said.

Meanwhile, Mugadza is answering to criminal charges case after he was arrested following a demonstration at Africa Unity Square.

The criminal nuisance charges emanate from a November 22, 2016 incident when the clergyman padlocked himself to iron rails while protesting against long-ruling Mugabe’s administration.

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