Mugabe speaks on his grandson


PRESIDENT Mugabe on Friday revealed that he was now a grandfather after his only daughter, Mrs Bona Chikore, gave birth to a baby boy outside the country last month. Addressing members of the Gutu clan and senior Government and Zanu-PF officials at the homestead of his late uncle Chief Gutu, Mr Anos Kasirai Masanganise, outside Mpandawana

Growth Point, President Mugabe said his grandson was expected in Zimbabwe mid-month.

President Mugabe had visited Chief Gutu’s homestead to lay wreaths and commiserate with the family following the death of his uncle in 2013. He also laid a wreath on the grave of Chief Gutu’s, wife Ambuya Pamhidzai Masanganise, who passed on in 2011. He said the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, could not accompany him to the Gutu clan as she was out of the country with their daughter, Bona.


‘’Deno Mai (First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe) vari pano vandiperekedzawo ndichiuya kuzobata maoko kumadzisekuru angu asi ndazouya ndega nekuti ivo havana kukwanisa kuuya nekuti vakaenda kunze kwenyika uko mwanasikana wedu (Mrs Bona Mugabe-Chikore) akokomborerwa, ane chikomana chandaiti ini ichi chichafudza mombe dzangu chete ichi,’’ he said, roaring into laughter.

‘’Vanachiremba vakati anofanirwa kuzokwira ndege ave nemwedzi saka anofanirwa kusvika mwedzi uno (May) around the 16 or 17. Chiremba akati mwana haakwanise kukwira ndege, deno mange muchienda nemota zvino mundenge anofanirwa kusvika mwedzi, achasvitsa musi wa 16 or 17 mwedzi uno,’’ he said.

Mrs Chikore and her husband, Mr Simba Chikore, wedded on March 1 2014 at a colourful ceremony that was attended by several Heads of State and Government. President Mugabe told members of the Gutu clan that he would never forget his roots and chronicled how he was raised by his uncle Shonhiwa of the Gumbo totem


He chronicled his history from his early childhood days when he used to herd cattle with the other boys of his age and expressed gratitude to his uncle for fending for him and sending him to school until he became a teacher.

The upbringing at the hands of his uncles, President Mugabe said, helped to shape him into an individual who firmly believed in the importance of the family unit.

‘’Handimbofa ndakakanganwa kuti ini ndakarerwa mumaoko enyu sekuru vari Madyirapanze, takangoisiwa ikoko nababa vachiti tifunde pachikoro chekwaKutama nekuti paive padhuze, kwaKarigamombe kwaive kure, about 7 miles. Saka takangokura ndichifudza mombe, hapana tsika yechivanhu yandisingazive. Handisi munhu wechirungu,’’ he said.

‘’Handikanganwe Madyirapanze, ndivo vakatiumba. Handimbokanganwa, deno Mai (Ambuya Bona Mugabe) vari pano ndivo vaindiperekedza zvino vakaenda,’’ he added. President Mugabe said a person should have high regard for his or her relatives because others like political friends were not permanent.

He thanked members of the Gutu clan for affording his uncle a decent burial saying he felt honoured to unveil the tombstone at the late Chief Gutu’s grave and that of his wife. Acting Chief Gutu, Mr Edmund Masanganise, thanked President Mugabe for his humility adding that the Gutu clan was honoured to have sired an offspring who grew to become an iconic leader not only for Zimbabwe but for the whole of Africa.

Chief Gutu assured President Mugabe that the entire Gutu clan whose area of jurisdiction straddled most parts of Gutu district that they would continue to support him and the ruling Zanu-PF party to continue winning elections. He also thanked him for upgrading several headmen of the Gutu clan into chiefs while new headmen that were banned by the colonial regime were also restored.

The Acting Chief also appealed to President Mugabe to ensure that the rural electrification programme spread to his area.

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