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Mugabe’s nephew has bigger issues to fight


The chickens are surely coming home to roost!

Remember the other time when Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere raged like a mad bull, railing at The Herald for reporting in a manner that he did not like?

It was such a low point and one in which we saw the political commissar nervously breaking down.


He totally lost it and called one of our reporters son-of-a-something, a very unacceptable low that a whole minister in a revolutionary and people-oriented Government would ever plunge to.

Kasukuwere was feeling the heat as this newspaper and our sister publication, The Sunday Mail, had been reporting on the goings-on in the revolutionary party.

Not that we are alone or had a special mission or agenda against him.

These things – the things we see and report on in and out of Zanu-PF – are there for everyone to see.



In their ugliness.

Or in their beauty.

Somehow, yet Kasukuwere thought there was a crime in journalists – journalists from the ‘State’ media – doing their job.

Not only that, Kasukuwere somehow thought he was now qualified to lecture us on how to report issues, editorial policy, etc.

But Kasukuwere may have learnt soon enough that you do not pick fights with the media, much less needless ones driven by fragile egos.

Not even Donald Trump, the world’s most powerful man, can!

Problem Patrick

However, such lessons are lost on some people, including one Patrick Zhuwao , who happens to be Kasukuwere’s factionalist cohort.

In the very same manner and spirit, Zhuwao, whose main claim to fame is being the President’s nephew, who has done precious little in the job that the Head of State and Government entrusted to him to lead the Indigenisation Ministry.

Just zero.

Instead, he has been identified with championing factionalism along with Kasukuwere and Professor Jonathan Moyo.

The latter two actually have claim to some great and wonderful things – for all their faults.

They are elected, too, which poor Zhuwao is not, after facing an inglorious defeat at the hands of Francis “Franco” Mukwangwariwa in Zvimba.

You should know the kind of joy with which Franco savours his position at the expense of Zhuwao, especially after his famed drinking!

Which makes it curious that Zhuwao wants more fights on top of that: he should just clear Franco out of the way and begin talking.

He must choose his opponents and weight category carefully.

But we know he does not have the capacity nor stamina!

He is just a lightweight who happens to be the nephew of the country’s finest gentleman and President who entrusted the responsibility of a key policy to him.

Zhuwao flattered to deceive.

He has just withered at the challenge.

He has sought the escape route of heaping himself in a faction.

We are sure he feels safe there with “Tyson” on one flank and the Professor on the other.

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