Mujuru to expose ZANU PF secrets


As Zimbabwe’s economic rot continues to deepen, largely due to Zanu PF’s misrule of the past 36 years, former Vice President Joice Mujuru plans to expose all of the ruling party’s corrupt activities that she knows, when she addresses a Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) star rally in Harare today.

Party spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire told the Daily News yesterday that the rally would be a no-holds-barred gathering where the ZPF leader would give insights into how Zanu PF had created the economic problems afflicting long-suffering Zimbabweans.

“She is going to address the issue of corruption and she is also going to address the reasons why this government is dysfunctional. She is also going to share candidly her experiences while she was still in (President Robert) Mugabe’s party and administration,” Mawarire promised.


He said Mujuru, vice president to Mugabe for a decade until she was hounded out of Zanu PF in late 2014, had intimate knowledge of Mugabe and Zanu PF, the party she once called “my only home”.

Just last week, the widow of the late liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, surprised her detractors and also left her enemies eating humble pie after she pulled a massive gathering of her supporters at her first public rally that was held in Bulawayo last weekend.


But her threats to spill the beans on Mugabe and Zanu PF could set the cat among the pigeons, amid indications late yesterday that this has already caused consternation within ruling party circles, whose hardliners appear as determined as ever to derail her political career.

As a result, Mawarire said ZPF had put in place significant security mechanisms to ensure that today’s rally opposite the Rainbow Towers Hotel would be as peaceful and incident-free as the Bulawayo one.

This was more so after the recent spate of political violence in Harare, where suspected Zanu PF youths have been disrupting rallies organised by opposition parties.

However, Mawarire said Mujuru was “not going to tolerate the disruption of people’s everyday lives by some drunkards”.

“We want to show and demonstrate that people can come and attend a rally without being forced. We have no Chipangano (a notoriously violent Zanu PF-affiliated vigilante group) that will close vending stores in Mbare.

“There is no militia that is going to force people to come to the rally as we know that the spirit of People First is in every resident of Harare. It is that spirit that is going to drive them to the venue of the rally willingly,” he said.

Until recently pooh-poohed by her erstwhile Zanu PF colleagues as a hopeless political lightweight, at least in public, Mujuru has since sent shivers down the spine of the ruling party after demonstrating that she really means business and that she is determined to turf Mugabe out of power.

Mawarire said today’s ZimPF rally would “once again showcase” the fact that the party was “a force to reckon with”.

“We have said that ZPF is the people’s party. We are going to demonstrate this tomorrow (today). We know that other political parties gathered 20 000 people and called them millions. We guarantee you that Zimbabweans are going to come in their thousands without being commandeered.

“We are not going to force people to come to our rally, but we know that people are going to come because they identify themselves with what the party stands for, and with what the party intends to do for Zimbabwe,” he added.

Mawarire said Mujuru was “very different” from her erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF because she “appreciates the problems bedevilling the country and unlike them is willing to proffer real solutions”.

“Our problems, as the president has said, require simple solutions. The problems that we have are that we have foolish people who are presiding over this economy.

“The Bible in Proverbs says that a foolish man dies whilst standing on his treasure, which is exactly what is happening in Zimbabwe. We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet people are suffering.

“We have diamonds, platinum, iron and coal. We also have every other mineral that you can think of, but the problem is that we have a foolish administration in power. Foolishness leads to primitive looting because it’s only a fool who thinks he can loot national resources with impunity. That’s foolishness.

“The kind of looting that we are seeing is driven by foolishness and that’s the main problem we have. We have allowed those people with fake PhDs to preside over our affairs and now our people are dying,” Mawarire thundered.

It was in that light that Mujuru would at today’s rally “call a spade a spade, as our problems are made by one man who happens to be the president of this country”.

“He is supposed to be act like a father, but what he is specialising in is provoking the children. Now we hear that there is a ban for this and that. It’s a tragedy as there are now separate laws in Zimbabwe for the rich and for the poor.

“We have a bad situation where rebates are given to those that are rich, those that fly, and those that pass through the border with cross-border buses are not given rebates. The governments should give rebates to those poor people who go to South Africa to buy basic commodities,” Mawarire said.

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