Mukoko is mine: Tytan


TOP-notch music producer and manager, Njabulo Nkomo, popularly known as Tytan in music circles, has dismissed reports that he sold his rights to the song, Mukoko, to Ammara Brown, who features on the popular song, which is accompanied by a gripping video.

Tytan, who has just ventured into mainstream music, said he loved working with Ammara, whom he described as a fireball of energy, but would never sell his song.

“I am surprised where all this is coming from. I never sold my song to Ammara. I love her energy and her vocal prowess and the connection we have on stage, but Mukoko is my baby and I will never trade it to any one or for anything,” he said.




“Working with Ammara was not actually the experience. The experience actually lay with the production.”

The reports came as music fans felt the song belonged to Ammara, as she was more popular as a musician than Tytan, who manages another songbird, Cynthia Mare.

Tytan recently did a duet, I Dondi Keya (I Don’t Care), with Mare, focusing on a man trying to work things out with his partner.

He said he had many other singles he had released well before Mukoko, but had not pushed them as hard.

The chart-topping song went viral on YouTube soon after its release, clocking 105 666 views and 2 022 likes, in its first week, despite concerns that some of the songbird’s intriguing dances were too sexually-charged.

Other viewers have hinted that, between the lines, the Jusa Dementor-produced video carried a “naughty” message, using flirtatious word-play to relate a mature and wise woman to a honey-dripping beehive

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