Multi Choice cracks whip,promises hell for bogus agents


BOGUS DStv agents facilitating the running of South African DStv accounts by Zimbabweans and people utilising their services face possible prosecution for partaking in the illegal operation.

This comes after MultiChoice’s realisation that a number of fake agents are promoting the illegal provision of South African accounts to users in Zimbabwe, especially those in Bulawayo who enjoy SABC channels.

But these agents and their customers will soon run out of luck as they are infringing international copyright laws, something which MultiChoice wants to fight in Southern Africa.


The pay media company, which offers the DStv services across Africa, has embarked on a programme where a crew will be dispatched to swoop on the bogus operators.

“The visits to bogus operators result from visible offers made by these operators to give Zimbabweans South African DStv accounts, which makes their actions illegal and could result in criminal actions against both the service providers and their customers.

“In terms of international copyright laws, MultiChoice South Africa can only provide its services to people resident in South Africa due to channels being authorised for reception in South Africa only,” read part of a statement issued by MultiChoice.

All operators providing DStv connections and support services in Zimbabwe are bound by the law to ensure that DStv services in Zimbabwe are those that are legitimately provided for this country, and they may not connect Zimbabweans to DStv services in South Africa.”

As a result, MultiChoice Zimbabwe is urging members of the public to ensure they determine the legal status of service providers before dealing with them.

“It’s our hope that this crackdown will eliminate bogus operators who are putting customers at risk of poor quality service and also exposing them to possible prosecution for infringement of international copyright laws.

“Illegal agents carry no guarantee of service quality and there’s no means of enforcing adherence to DStv standards. It’s clear that a number of bogus operators are promoting access by Zimbabweans to DStv services sourced in South Africa, an act that is illegal and in flagrant violation of international rights regulations”.


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