Mushekwi wrecks marriage? ….disrupts ex’s wedding… woman kicked out of home


Zimbabwe Warriors striker Nyasha Mushekwi continues to make waves on and off the playing field. This time, the China based striker reportedly wrecked the marriage of his former girlfriend by causing a scene on the eve of her wedding

One of the bridesmaids, who preferred anonymity, said the China based striker held his ex, Tinashe Sibanda hostage and locked her in a hotel room the night before her wedding.

Tinashe, it is said, sneaked out of the hotel room and went home only for Mushekwi to follow her. The former CAPS UNITED and Mamelodi Sundowns hitman has refused to comment on the matter. Questions were sent to him last week but he opted not to respond.


“Bringing a total collapse to the marriage, Mushekwi also followed Tinashe to the wedding venue where he created a scene.

“We had initially advised Tinashe that it was not a good idea for her to go to Mushekwi’s hotel but she insisted saying she wanted to settle some issues issues him.

“After she went there, she didn’t return to the house where we were supposed to sleep before the wedding.

“We didn’t take it seriously because we assumed she had decided to spend the night somewhere else, since it was a busy night.

“The following day, she came back crying telling us what had happened. She said Mushekwi held her hostage when she went to visit him and she escaped from the room when he was

Mushekwi also came to the house demanding to see Tinashe and he followed us to the wedding venue where he caused more drama saying there was nothing special about Tinashe because she was not a virgin when he first slept with her until he was restrained from entering the venue by security which was there,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Tinashe confirmed the incident but pleaded with H Metro not to publish the story.

“My husband has chased me out of our matrimonial home because of the story you are talking about so I am begging you not to publish the story.

“Nyasha has nothing to lose if the story is published but I have everything to lose because I am already a victim here. People misunderstood why I visited Mushekwi’s hotel room.

“I only went there because he has been away for a while so I wanted to tell him that I had moved on face to face and not over the phone. I also wanted to hear from him his plan with regards to some of his things which I was using which he had given to me,” she said.

“Mushekwi and Tinashe dated for more than two years and he invested a lot so I think that is why he was acting that way. He bought her a flat and a car so he felt she took him for a ride but Tinashe is not refusing to give him back any of those things.

“She is no longer using the car that Mushekwi bought for her and she has since moved out of the house as well. Mushekwi flew into the country a fortnight ago to join the Warriors training camp for their back to back fixtures against Swaziland.

“He only reported for training on Wednesday in the afternoon after surrendering three days on the Tinashe issue,’ claimed our mole.

Initially when H Metro tried to contact Mushekwi, the person who answered the phone said it would not be possible to engage him before the games against Swaziland.

“As you might know, he is with the Warriors in camp and cellphones are not allowed so you cannot talk to him at the moment maybe after the match,” he said


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