My Brother F#cked my Beautiful WIFE Part 2


This is a continuation from My Brother F#cked my Beautiful WIFE Part 1 read this one to better understand part 2.

It was now 2 years since I caught my wife poking my older brother and I thank God that I managed to move on. It was not easy Masasi but then through prayer it turned out easy. I had made my own vow and I was sticking to it, I wanted to get my life in order and then look for someone to spend it with. Someone who wouldn’t cheat on me and it so happened that i met Paula.

Things seemed to be in my favour though as I got promoted at work and was now managing very well. I met Paula at work and we had instant connection. The good thing I liked about Paula was that she also went to the same church that I went to and so it was easy to get references. In less than a year we were married and we were happy.


Paula had all the ASSets a man dreams of. She was curvy like those Kardashian women and she was very light in complexion and that made her stand out. I always called her my light because that is all i saw when i look at her smiling. She changed my life around. And the S-E-X was wonderful, i could literally scream when she gave me her best B-J.

Life was now better, I was doing well and headed for a good future and we thanked the Lord for all that. Like the saying goes, what goes around will comes back around, I saw this first hand. First it seemed like an accident that I bumped into Jill but later on I noticed that she had been following me. She just came out of nowhere and had bruises all over her face.

Jill: How are you Irvin long time…

Irvin: yes it’s been a while and I am good never better. How are you doing? Where is Jamal?

Jill: am alright I guess and Jamal is at home you know him he doesn’t want to work.

Irvin: ok then say hie to him, got to go. Bye

Jill: ok fine

I left her standing there and was on my way, I didn’t see any reason to keep talking to her or ask why she had bruises. I thought to myself, “She made her bed and now it’s time to lie in it” I went about my business and got home to find Jill talking to my wife Paula. That is when I knew that the time we met she was following me around. I knew she is trouble but still I could not chase her away. The good thing is I told Paula all that happened with my first marriage so she understood who Jill was and why I wasn’t willing to listen to her.

I got into the house and went to my computer and started reading stories online on That is when I found this website and I saw that there are other people who were in worse situations than me. I read a few more stories and from there I knew that Jill being back here was a real test and so I went to where she and my wife were talking.

I don’t know what they were talking about but I saw she was crying so I kept my distance. My wife then called out to me and told me that Jill wanted our help as she didn’t have anywhere to stay. She somehow caught Jamal my brother cheating more than once and when she asked about it but she was beaten for questioning him.

Paula is really a God sent wife because the decisions she made there were not normal to some of us. She told Jill that she was welcome to stay with us for a few weeks while she sorts herself out. I didn’t have anything to add to that. Jill was back in my life again but now I didn’t love her, I pity her and I didn’t even miss her…..


Watch out for PART 3

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