My Brother F#cked my Beautiful WIFE Part 3


This is a continuation of my story where I caught my wife Jill cheating with my brother. If you are going to read this I suggest you read Part 1 and Part 2 for better understanding.

We had welcomed Jill back into my life again and she was using the cottage as Paula didn’t want her in the main house. She had changed and in a good way too. She started going to church with us and I could see she was really trying to fit in. She really seemed very grateful for the second chance she got in life and she said she was going to make her future decisions wisely.

Time went on and there was no word from Jamal and for the first time in history Jill got herself a job and was doing well at it. Before long she had moved out but was staying very close to us. Jill was always at our house during weekends and I never thought I could see my EX and my wife getting along but Jill and Paula were good friends and they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.


We were 1 big happy family until Jamal came back knocking at my door again. I told him I didn’t want to see him and he was on his way. He came again the next day and though I didn’t want to talk to him I could see concern in his eyes and so I let him in.

We spoke for a few hours and he informed me that he was diagnosed with cancer and TB and had only a few months to live. That’s the moment of truth right there, the moment where I saw that blood is really thicker than water, the moment that I chose to forgive him and put the past behind us. I comforted him and told him that everything would be fine.

It’s funny how there is a thin line between love and hate. A few years ago I would have thrown him out but I switched from hate to love and caring in a matter of minutes. I managed to forgive my brother Jamal and I told him I would be there for him whenever he needed me. Jill was also angry at him and through me and Paula she managed to forgive him.

Jamal is still alive and we taking it one step at a time. Jill is still coming for her weekend visits and we are happy. Forgiveness paved the way for all great things that I was blessed with. To all of you I say, everyone deserves a second chance in life and learn to forgive one another.


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