My DEAD Husband doesn’t want me to Have S E X with other MEN


WHILE he was alive, Joseph Ngobeni was a wonderful husband to his wife, Patricia Serero. But since Joseph died at the age of 54 in 2006, life has been a living hell for Patricia, who is now 53.

She says her late husband is jealous and won’t let her get on with her life.

“I was honoured to have Joseph in my life,” said Patricia, who lives in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni.


“But now Joseph is dead he isn’t happy to see me in a relationship with any other man.”

She has tried many times to find a man to love her but she ends up fighting with her dead husband.

“He comes to my room and sits next to my bed.

“He tells me he still loves me and it would be unfair for me to be in another relationship,” she said.

Patricia Serero
Patricia Serero from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, says her dead husband haunts her.

“I have been in three serious relationship but I gave them up because I can’t fight my husband’s death.”

She said sometimes neighbours come to her room thinking she is being attacked because she screams in fear when she sees her husband’s ghost.

“Sometimes he comes and lights candles with two people in white.

“Sometimes I get scared and sometimes I get excited seeing him.”

Patricia said her dead husband was a loving man.

“Christmas time brings fresh tears to my eyes,” she said.

“Joseph would take me on a shopping spree.

“We were very intimate and happy.”

She remembers that before Joseph she was in a relationship with a serial cheater and abusive man but Joseph showed her another life.

“He was a real man. He respected me. He gave me money and made me happy,” she said.

“But now he is dead but he can’t let me go.

“I hope he will find peace and let me have another man in my life.”