My Hubby wants me to give his BOSS my Punani so that he gets a Promotion – PLEASE HELP


My Hubby wants me to give his BOSS my Punani so that he gets a Promotion – PLEASE HELP…. Crazy things are happening in Zimbabwe and this is one of them….

Question: How are you Tete Molly my name is Nyarai and i am staying in Harare. My husband works in town and i cannot specify where but the thing is he approached me last week and asked if i would be happy staying in Borrowdale Brooke… Obviously my answer was yes and so he went on… Hanzi the only way for him to get a promotion was if i give his manager and Boss my punani for 24 hours at a lodge in Domboshava. My immediate response was kuramba but he is pushing and pushing, he even promised to buy me a car that i wanted a Toyota Rav 4 the new model… He says his boss vanondichiva because ndakana… See my picture here…

kusvirwa naBoss


I am tempted ndodii?

Tete Molly Answers: Things that come easy will also disappear easy… I say NO or rather if it was me i would say no because i know later on in life arguments will come and they will be based on this… So stick to your first answer say NO and take it from there. Also tell your hubby that he can sue the boss because they is nowhere in their contract that requires you to give boss punani…

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  • Nyenze

    Iwe bvuma iwe . But itai dhiri nemurume wako . Arange kuti mubatwe poita jambanja kkkkkkkk. Murume wako obva ademanda mari kuti asachiputisa . Coz honestly ukaramba murume arikudzingwa basa 1 . Then kana musisina chekubata mumba uchanokwirwa na boss iyeye for nzungu . This time unenge waakubvuma wabaiwa ne hon’az