My Kids Go To School In A Mercedes Benz,I Have A 60 Inch Curve TV’ – Stunner’s Wife


Wishing myself a happy Mother’s Day (Zim). For all the Unknown sacrifices I have made. The reason why I get up
everyday with no excuse of being sick or tired. For making sure that my kids are driven to school in a Mercedes and that they live in a very nice house.Yes I said it, for the 60 inch curve tv.

For the countless trips to the park or to a football match. For the hours I have spent at A&E. For all the packed lunches I have packed.For the meals I have cooked.For all that laundry I have done. For sitting at the barbers for hours. For all the hugs and kisses I have had to give just because you got a booboo

For the times you have pee’d in your pants. For the amount of spiders I have had to kill. The list goes on and on. I am my own hero and I celebrate myself for being a mother. Shout out to all the women that have had to go through all this. . Stay strong it’s a long life


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