My wife is cheating,so I decided to bring home another woman


A MARRIAGE of 23 years has reportedly collapsed after a foreign based man came back home and found out his wife had replaced him.

Phillip Sakadza,47,got the shock of his life when he came back home around 3am expecting to be welcomed by his wife Jenifer Sakadza 44,but to his surprise she was nowhere to be found.

Sakadza got into one of his spare bedrooms where his mother-in-law Enia Charumbira was sleeping looking for Jenifer.


Sakadza and Jenifer are now planning for divorce and the former retaliated by marrying another wife.He is staying with the new wife at his family’s double storey house in Waterfalls.

Sakadza said the incident sparked the demise of him to marry another wife before approaching the courts of law for a divorce.

“I asked everyone and they told me that they did not know where she was.I looked for her everywhere,I got so worried,”said Sakadza.

Her mother was staying at our house at that time and I defied tradition by barging into her bedroom whilst she was sleeping,I asked her and she failed to give me an answer on her child’s whereabouts.

“The guard then confined in me that madam was in the habit of entertaining other men.”

Sakadza is said to have started an investigation on his wife’s shenanigans.

“I found out that she was dating one Noel Badza.She would tip off the guard at our Waterfalls residence and let in her boyfriend in the evening and then she would send him off to the shopping centre early in the morning in a bid to let her boyfriend out before others were up.

“She even went with her boyfriend to my rural home in Musana saying he was our driver.

“When I came back from Angola she had moved out of the house and I talked to her parents and they gave me the green light to divorce her and marry another wife,”he said.

Sakadza then married another wife and now the two women are staying together in Waterfalls.

“Whilst the divorce is being finalised, Jenifer is staying with us and my new wife uses the first floor and she uses the ground floor.”

The two have 3 children together.Jenifer refused to entertain H-Metro after visiting their place of residence and responded by sending one of her child to get the writer’s contact details prompting to respond later.

Efforts to get Jenifer to comment were futile by the time of going to print

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