My wife is not a prophetess,’ says Magaya


Prophet Walter Magaya says his wife is not yet a prophetess.

“Mama Magaya is not yet a prophetess. It is not limited to laying hands or performing miracles. What she was using was impartation. One does not become a Prophet by healing someone, what makes one a Prophet is the voice of God that speaks to a person,” he told journalists yesterday




Magaya was also asked if he renewed his powers in Nigeria.

He said : “Iron sharpens iron that is why Moses killed a person and fled Egypt and went to Jethro who mentored him into following the true God and that is called mentorship which is the same with me. I go there for advice and impartation. What they call powers are not. God uses anointing

Magaya also rubbished persistent reports that he got juju from West Africa. “I have heard of sangomas that claim that they gave the juju to run PHD Ministries but that sangoma is failing to do what we have attained here. The old churches will never approve of us because it is in human nature to resist what we cannot do. Old churches are controlled by religion and it is religion that controls them not the power of God. Religion controls the human mind.”

He also denied that churches had become the easiest business these days. “If it was that easy by now you should have your own church. If it is the easiest then I encourage you to form your own churches. It is not as easy as you see it. If it was brisk business then we would all be owning churches.


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