Nation crying for Mugabe’s death- ZimFirst leader


Zimbabwe First leader Maxwell Shumba has claimed that the Zimbabweans have ever cried and sometime asked when the President Robert Mugabe will die because they have suffered for too long

In his statement posted on Facebook, Shumba said no Zimbabwean should have ever suffered at the hands of another Zimbabwean.

“Robert Mugabe, Yes Robert Mugabe the nation is ever crying and sometimes asking when you will die, what a shame,” Shumba said. “A revolution betrayed. Its, therefore, befitting that as Robert Mugabe winds down his time here on earth he hears the horrific stories of the atrocities he authored over and over again.”




Shumba said Mugabe atrocities stories were being retold.

He said Zimbabweans from all walks of life are desperate.

“All they are asking for is a political party that will give them a new ray of hope as they reel under economic hardships, repression and violence. This is where ZimFirst is coming in with fresh ideas, solutions and untainted,” Shumba said.

“ZimFirst is rising above conventional politics of selfishness and greed to serve the people of Zimbabwe. Besides being guided by the values of democracy, ZimFirst believes in humility which regards the well-being and happiness of others as more important than one’s own.”

Shumba said in a country characterised by failing governance, economic standards and repression, ZimFirst is there to offer tangible solutions.

“We do not give excuses because we believe excuses are poor substitutes for results. At ZimFirst we also have the advantage of variety and universality of experience at our disposal. ZimFirst is here to reclaim Zimbabwe to it’s former glory, to speak to the heart of the people’s discontent and to rewrite the script of Zimbabwe’s future,” he said.

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