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Fellow Citizens and Countrymen, we have been tortured, tormented and violated for a long time whilst we quietly and peacefully endured hoping this government will be civil and respectful enough to either admit its failures or correct its mistakes.





1. Thousands of our children graduate yearly in colleges and universities to be glorified educated loafers and beggars. We spend our hard earned money educating them to empower their lives and make them better people in life. However, this government has shut out employment opportunities and when our children compromise and start vending, restrictive policies are put in place. It is a clear sign this government has a deliberate agenda to impoverish and pauperize our children. Should we let them turn our children to beggars and loafers in their own land?
2. Workers (civil servants and those in the private sector) are not paid on time and when they eventually get paid there are restrictions to the amounts they can withdraw. Why should we beg to be employed, beg to be paid and beg to withdraw our salaries? Why should we be running from bank to supermarket trying to get the money we worked for? Why should we allow this government to turn us to scavengers in our own country?
3. Our senior citizens and gallant war veterans are treated like feaces. They are forced to endure every kind of weather (cold, rain, sun) whilst queuing for their little benefits. Remember these are the same people who sacrificed themselves to fight for our independence and to develop this nation. Should we let this government turn our elders to be feaces in the jungle whilst we are alive?
4. Corruption is at its highest point now. We the taxpaying citizens, the working masses are struggling to pay transport to go to work, we struggle to put food on the table, we struggle to pay rent, we struggle to get medication in clinics and hospitals and we struggle to cover our own nakedness by buying clothes. However our government officials are busy enriching themselves, paying themselves huge salaries, externalizing money to foreign bank accounts, buying themselves expensive cars, building themselves 64 roomed houses and taking themselves and their children for better medication in Malaysia, Singapore and India. Should we sit down and let them turn us to poor, naked, hungry, sick mongrels in our own country?

Is this the freedom we fought for? Is this the development we worked for? Is this the empowerment we went to school for?

This is the time. Let us end this modern day slavery and torture. Let us join hands and shutdown the country on WEDNESDAY 06 JULY 2016.


No-one should go to work or to vending, No one should go yo school, No shop should open, No vehicle should move, No office should open – It’s our Salvation Day. Lets shutdown everything for a day to save ourselves forever!

No-one can save us – lets us unite and save ourselves peacefully NOW!
Hi Kim. This message and others are doing their rounds so I think it’s wise we stay put. Can you keep me for normal time next week please. What are you going to do on Wednesday? Stay safe X X X

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