Ndaiti ndichisvira soo wainzwa kunge wakaiswa mumhepo achibva akatunda twice!


Ndaiti ndichisvira soo wainzwa kunge wakaiswa mumhepo achibva akatunda twice! Ndainge ndakutosvika kumba zvangu on a Thursday night ndichibva kubasa, I saw a light paside penzira nechekuleft. I went closer it was an incoming text message umwe munhu angaarasa apple iphone 7. I picked it up and looked around hapana ayindiwona, I live in a very quiet place, it had about 9 missed calls and text messages. I tried to access it asi yainge iri password protected.

I was in so much fear kuti ko kana yakarasirirwa? What if someone is watching me a lot of stuff came to my mind but I said to myself I am not stealing I want to help this person, my intention though was never to keep it but to look for the owner but since the phone was password protected I was then depending nevanhu vachafona. Ndakasvika kumba, foni yakarira after about 30 minutes ndapinda mumba from a number that was not saved mufoni macho, I took it. There was silence. “Hallo, Hallo, Hallo”, but no one responded ndaingonzwa kufema. Ndopandakazonzwa “Hi I am looking for that phone my name is Thembeka”.

Ndikati, “are you the owner and where did you leave your phone?” She told me the correct spot pandainge ndainhonga, achibva ati aizouya kuzoitora kumba ndikati paribho. About 20 minutes after ndakanzwa yarira futi I answered zvikanzi ndasvika I didn’t know she used a GPS to locate my address I even thought she would take it mangwana but she seemed so much in love with her phone. I went out kwaive kwasviba, I saw a parked Toyota Yaris and she was alone. When I opened the gate akabuda mumota zvikanzi am Thembeka ndikati I’m Michael, she thanked me and asked for my number after I turned down her R300 offer of thanks. Ndakaramba kumupa number because I just didn’t want her thanks, she insisted then gave her my email address.


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