Nelson Chamisa helped government to fire jailed Linda Masarira


Who is Linda T Masarira? Nelson Chamisa is a Lawyer.

Let him join the other lawyers to represent Linda T Masarira. Chamisa has a record of winning cases.

The latest one being the 17 July 2015 Supreme Court Judgement #Zuva Judgement.


He performed so well and it actually led to the amendment of the Labor Act of 2006 by SI 5/2015.

Let Cobra take this case, I am sure he will sting the magi with deadly venom and paralyse their Prejudice, if any.

Linda T Masarira is a victim of the same Zuva Judgement that Chamisa won on the side of Employers. Thanks to President Robert Mugabe who signed the ascented bill and the Act. Compensating workers by a 2 weeks wage for every year worked / or 1 month salary for every two years saved.




That is the legal subsidy that Chamisa won for the government. It means workers terminated on three months notice having worked for say 40 years (meaning inclusive of the 6 years that the whites kicked on on many natives asses), 20 years were thrown into the dustbin and only half of them are given a fortnight’s wage for every annual ring.

Let this expert lawyer take the case and Linda will be free. Perhaps there will be poetic justice and Chamisa gives her the right to obtain administrative justice and fairness expected from any court in terms of section 68 of the Zimbabwe Constitution.

Masarira was the only female Train Guard – employee accompanied the driver of a train for certain specified duties.

Had it been she had been paid all her Terminal Benefits and Retrenchment Packages including salaries arrears of 11 months at the date of her termination, as the Employer effected the Zuva Judgement, she may not have gone to the levels of scaling the utmost Heights of obtaining justice and compensation for her donkey years in the Railways.

But this is common for the Federation ZCTU was invited to rise to the same level after series of stayaways were ignored by the government.

After Termination Lynda T Masarira together with others in order to coerce the NRZ Management to pay the terminated workers their salaries, on 9 September 2015, they formed the Association of Railway Terminated Employees aka Association of Retrenched & Terminated Employees. ARTE.

She was appointed Chairperson until she left Netanyahu who was then the Director of Operations and Planning to be the Chairperson, merging both the Chairpersons duties and that of DOP as she felt the offices were complimenting each other and there will be no gap left. The main reason being to fight from another angle.

Early January saw the staging of demonstrations by former NRZ workers demanding their Three months notice and Terminal Benefits overdue for 6 months as the Railways insisted that they had no money and that they would pay whenever they get the money on an unknown date.

Afraid that the prescription period in the labor Act would lapse, Linda T Masarira unearthed NRZ scandals and availed irrefutable evidence of mismanagement and corruption in the Railways to the Journalists at a press conference covered even by state media and subsequently at the demonstrations at NRZ Bulawayo station. Thanks to all members of the media fraternity, without fear or Favor they covered the demonstrations. ZBC did exceptionally very well. Maybe the censorship bosses were on leave since we were just returning from a dry Christmas.

And now, the inevitable; the scars of the battle. Besides ROHR International that jointly participated in the January protests on behalf of NRZ Terminated workers, she later got networked to other activists. Upping the game just like the child of ZCTU against The Zanu PF system struggling to fulfill its Constitutional duties and obligations, Linda Masarira has to drink the cup of all that adventure in that route, the cup of injustice.

The level of her persecution becoming the level of her anointing.

Some say she must have continued to engage the Railways, some say she must have continued to demonstrate only against the Railways, some says she must remain confined to labor issues, some says she was led to the slaughter as a sheep by the goats, who are no longer attending her court case as they did to the record famous pastor Evan Mawarire and some says her bravery is carelessness, some says although it’s 12 months now since her permanent contract termination and all benefits still outstanding she must be patient and still some says she must be a happy slave and wait for the restoration of Zimbabwe through a miracle, the shareholder is broke.

Briefly in the conclusion or rather in the bringing of this article to an abrupt end, for no words can conclude this injustice to anyone’s satisfaction ; But we shall not weary your eyes seeing it has already surpassed the length of a treatise.Now therefore,  this is the conclusion so to write ; let proficient Advocate Hon Chamisa handle the case of the youthful mother of five, peradventure the the Gods may grant her pardon and poetic justice be found.

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