New Hot ZTV Newsbae Causes Stir


Another beauty has hit the television screens, this time from Montrose Studios in Bulawayo. Yolanda Gumbo is now a news presenter on ZTV. She was once crowned Miss Summer Strides and Miss Highlanders.


Yolanda will be reading the main news bulletin on weekends. She has been thrust into the limelight after just one weekend. She is already feeling the pressure. She said : “Well, it has brought with it the good and the bad.


The bad being that the new profession has come with stalkers in the form of strangers who send me very strange messages on various social networking platforms. But thanks to my modelling stint, I now know how to deal with stalkers, especially men who hit on me.

Getting messages like “You’re beautiful, how many cows does your father need?” is now the order of the day, but it’s how you deal with them that changes the game.”

Source : Online

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