Norton council burns vendor’s clothes worth $100 000


Norton town council security officers reportedly burnt clothes worth over $100 000 being sold by vendors as the council embarked in a clean up programme.

The Zimbabwe Peace Project reported that it is reported Norton town council burnt clothes and other property at the Katanga flea market in ward 7.

It is believed property worth over $100 000 was destroyed. It was alleged the municipal police were on a cleanup campaign. Vendors complained about the incident claiming they were paying monthly subscriptions to the town council only to be surprised by the initiative conducted by the municipal police,” ZPP said.


second-hand-clothes“Norton MP Temba Mliswa said that the council must explain the reason behind the violent behaviour and compensate the victims for loss of their property.

The municipal police argued that the vendors were selling illegally on land which was not allocated for vending resulting in the property destruction.”