NRZ revival begins as President Mnangagwa commissions new equipment


President Mnangagwa today commissioned railway equipment which included 200 wagons and 34 coaches sourced from South Africa under a deal to recapitalize the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to the tune of $400 million. The deal involves SA’s Transnet and the Diaspora Investment Development Group (DIDG).

President Mnangagwa posted this on his Facebook page officially letting Zimbabweans know that the new Zimbabwe is now full speed ahead.

President MnangagwaToday, we are constructing the building blocks of an advanced and progressive infrastructure for a new Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwe we all dreamt of, and a Zimbabwe which will become a reality before our eyes in the coming years.

These 108 wagons, seven locomotives and eight passenger coaches represent more than just an upgrade to our transportation system; they represent a commitment by this government to change, progress and development.

The economic train is out the station and it is time to move full steam ahead!