NRZ workers threaten another strike


The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has left its workers reeling after it shifted their pay date to 22 July and also slashed their salaries from 80% to 60% for grades A1-B5 and 50% for C1 up to the highest grade


According to a close source, workers have been promised to be paid 80% of their salaries which they have been given since three years ago during the week starting 11 of July.


One of the aggrieved workers labelled the ailing company’s management move as satanic and ill advised: “Their decision is satanic, we cannot continue on working when we have no food, no accommodation and no fees. If the N.R.Z. is broke let it close,” he said.

The NRZ workers have been ordered to call off the job action, which they started on 29th March 2016, by Bulawayo Labour Court judge Kabasa E on the 14th of June this year.

The workers engaged in collective job action in protest over failure by the management to pay their salaries and transport allowances.

At the commencement of the collective job action, salaries had not been paid for the cumulative period of 15 months and 5 months for transport allowances.

The job action was declared illegal and we were ordered to return to work. 

Unfortunately, nothing has come to our way; the situation is now worse, we have not been paid for 15 plus months now.

Labour court judge ordered us to go back to work and assured us that the management will improve their way of paying workers, I am confused now if this is the improvement or the management is defying the court order? ” said one of the senior personnel officers who asked for anonymity.

Meanwhile, the National Railways of Zimbabwe workers are threatening for another collective job action if the management fails to respect the rights of the worker.

We are applying for another job action and this time we are not going back until we receive our salary backlog, we cannot be slaves,” said an angry employee.

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