Nyanga man in trouble over Mugabe Whatsapp insult


A GOVERNMENT employee has become the latest person to fall foul of President Robert Mugabe insult charges after he was arrested for allegedly circulating a video on social media denigrating the 92-year-old leader.

Ernest Matsapa (46), who works for the Ministry of Agriculture in Nyanga, will appear at the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court on April 29 facing charges of criminal nuisance.

According to State papers, Matsapa sent an audio and visual message on WhatsApp with Mugabe’s photographs to a group named Nyanga Free Range.


The State papers say the clip “is denigrating the person of” Mugabe by suggesting that he has become too old and is now a burden to the people that take care of him.

100 years dzirikushupa kusvika. Akavavarira kusvika kuma 90 chakuti, towards 100 unosvika wava chinhu chinonetsa vanhu kuchengeta. (He is struggling to reach 100 years. He fought hard to get into the 90s, but when he gets to 100, he will become a burden to the people around him),” part of the message read.

The papers also quote the message where the accused suggests that due to his age, Mugabe was now old as his contemporaries had died and he was finding it difficult to gel with those around him.

“The audio and visual clip has the impression that the President Cde Robert Mugabe is incapacitate and has become a burden to the majority including his family due to diminishing responsibility,” part of the State outline read.

Matsapa will be represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights member Peggy Tavagadza

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