Nyasha Mushekwi goes on a hunger strike after discovering his wife got a job at ZIFA


ZIFA were last week forced to delay the attachment of Luminitsa Mushekwi following objections by her “husband” and Warriors striker Nyasha in Swaziland.

Of interest is the fact that Nyasha and Luminitsa are in the process of divorcing.Sources claim the Chinese-based striker even staged a hunger strike on finding his wife in Swaziland as part of the ZIFA delegation.

There were unconfirmed reports that Nyasha accused two Warriors teammates of cheating with his wife while in South Africa and could not stomach her presence at a camp where the other strikers were also present.


It is claimed Mushekwi was so angry that he threatened to pull out of the squad and return to his base in protest over plans by ZIFA to engage Luminitsa in the technical department,then headed by Takaendesa Jongwe who has since been sent packing.

Mushekwi did not want Luminitsa anywhere near the Warriors where he was a member of the squad for the tricky AFCON 2017 qualifier against Swaziland.

Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa yesterday confirmed plans to engage Luminitsa in the technical director department.
H-Metro understands she has a degree in Sports Marketing.

“She is actually a genius,she knows her stuff and plans are that she comes in as an assistant in the technical department.Remember we are changing the face of ZIFA and I have her papers with me,she qualifies for that role.

“As for the Swaziland issue,I heard the concerns raised by her husband and to me it’s a domestic issue,which however could not be allowed to interfere with the Warriors ahead of such a crucial game and a decision was taken to respect his wishes.

“That is why we asked her to leave so that the game proceeded without any unnecessary drama,”said Chiyangwa.

Nyasha and Luminitsa’s marriage hit turbulent waters last year and there were reports that she filed for divorce at the South Gauteng High Court last year but the former CAPS UNITED hitman is understood to have stalled the process by not signing the documents.

Things went out of control amid cheating allegations against both parties although Luminitsa came out strongly against claims she had vilated her marriage vows.

“People must stop blabbering their mounths on things they do not know anything about.If they said I cheated on my husband,I’d like them to say with whom,where and what time.

Why are they not talking about the pictures of his d…he sent to women or those (women privates)in his phone,or the th_reesome he wanted to have with those sluts.People are talking rubbish,”she was quoted in the African media last year.

She was also quoted saying:

“He removed the child from the medical aid.The medical bills are piling up because the child is sick with a chronic disease.He is not playing his role as a father anymore.I have a two year old infant admitted to hospital as we speak.He needs my undivided attention to nurse him back to health,”she said.

“People with no lives are busy creating disgusting lies about me when my child and I are going through this difficult and painful times.Where is their sense of humanity?If he was eager to leave me for cheating on him,he would have signed those papers. But he didn’t.”

Luminitsa,who attended the 4-0 drubbing of Swaziland at the National Sports Stadium on Monday and left for Joburg yesterday afternoon,Had not responded to questions sent by H-Metro last night while Nyasha had also not responded.

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