Nyoro in my Favorite Bar in Harare – Nyoro MuBeer Engine Part 1


Ndini uyo after a long day at work and decided to pass though my favourite bar in Harare Beer Engine. The place was packed as it was a Friday so I moved through the crowd and found a seat at the back. I was not happy as I got a seat far from the bar but it was all good but then how was I going to get the drinks and still reserve my seat.

I pulled out my phone and started looking for someone to come join me. I thought of Nyasha kahure kandakambosvira mumota. I dialed her number and she said she was still in town. I invited her to come over she said she was game. In about 30 minutes she arrived.

I was thirsty seeing all these people drinking and laughing. So when she got to where I was I hugged her and told her to sit down as I went for the orders.
I came back with a big glass of draft one for me and a sminoff cider for her. We chilled and talked and drank..

Nyoro in my Favorite Bar in Harare - Nyoro MuBeer Engine Part 1

I was feeling a little buzzed after my third draft for the evening to to mention H0RNY. I looked at Nyasha and all of a sudden she looked like this S-E-X Goddess that was there for the taking. I smiled at her and she smiled back but with a question… “u look like u just seen a N-aked woman… is everything OK down there?” I loved how free spirited Nyasha was and how open minded she could be. So I replied her with a question “what would it take for me kuti ndikusvire right now muno?”

She laughed for a bit but then noticed I was serious…. she cleared her throat and said… “Let me do it as a favour to I but know that u owe me…” she winked while saying the words OWE ME. I remembered the last time I owed Nyasha…. I had to go out with this “ugly” friend of hers and make her feel needed. She is not that bad she has her pros also… killer body and curves.

Ok back to Nyasha and me… she stood up and came sat on my lap and kissed me. I kissed her back zvine power but she stopped me. I wanted to say something but then what she said made sense… “we don’t want everyone to see what’s happening here” to everyone she was just sitting on her man’s lap but to me anga akagarira mboro yanga yanzwa nehasha.

She got off my lap and went into the bathroom and came back with a smile on her face.. I wondered what that was for but I didn’t wait long to find out. She came straight back to my lap and sat but this time akaisa ruoko nepaZip and got hold of my already angry anaconda. Akaiburitsa nepaZip secretly and sat hake pamusoro payo. That moment I realised why she was smiling when she came from the bathroom, she had removed her Victoria Secrets and anga asisina panty. Yakanyura yese ka1 and she looked into my eyes and mouthed the words… “you bring out the nawty in me….”

To be continued…