Nyoro KUNAKA – Baba kundiitira mashura kuuya nemaCONDOM KUMBA


Question: We been married 11 years and we got married young at 21. Now 11 years later we have 3 kids and we are a happy family. Last week murume akauya nemaCONDOMS kumba hanzi no more NYORO vana vawandisa. Ndifunge kunaka kunoita nyoro ndakaramba ndikati hakuna zvakadaro but he even threatened to beat me over the issue…

Answer: First and foremost You must not allow him to beat you. Secondly explain to him that you can choose any other form of contraceptive since its clear that you love NYORO! Gara naye pasi and get to the bottom of the story. Find out what made him come to such a decision and why.

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