Hello to everyone and fans in particular. I am humbled to speak out following my ex wife’s allegations on social media.She has portrayed herself as a saint and me as a womanizer and money grabber.

To start with, I was introduced to Olinda through a former friend who was part of the Rollers Family in the UK.We fell in love over the phone even though I had not met her.I say a former friend because this guy who introduced us was apparently dating her secretly at the same time.

One night at around 2am she sent me a selfie saying how much she loved me and wanted to sort a visa for me to come to the UK.

And a few minutes later my former friend posted a picture of himself on Facebook.But guess what,the pictures had strikingly the same backgrounds.

A week later I confronted my ex wife and she lied that they could have been in the same club at the same time but she had not seen him.The next morning she sent me £ 600 to cheer me up and I had not requested for the money.There is a lot I will reveal in the few coming days to clear my tarnished image.

People who know me will tell that ndanda ndine tunhu twangu when I met Olinda. But I didn’t have mari yekuroora as I had not planned it.But my x really wanted marriage,so she sent me the money yekuti ndimuroore, which she has not said publicly.

After marrying her she wanted me to stop my music and it became a daily chorus ndichingonzi ndini ndakakupa Mari yekuroora dai wandidzosera part of it.When angry this woman was so violent and I never even hit her back.

I will leave this for you to judge yourselves. LOve u all my fans and keep believing.See you soon in the UK.